In this latest episode, Billy and Ian jump into a look at Kitchen Sink Press’ Snarf #2 with their underground of the week, before Billy confesses his love of This is followed by a look at Ken Landgraf’s New York City Outlaws #3 (which features a guest appearance from Jon Mikl Thor!), some thoughts on Renegade Press’ Manimal #1, Steve Ditko’s Mister A, Peach Momoko’s X-Men work and NYCC experience, Verotik’s Devilman #1, Charles Burns’ Facetasm, a great vintage issues of Challengers Of The Unknown with Deadman, the recent issue of Vampire Macabre by Frank Forte and Tim Vigil, Johnny Ryan’s What Are You Lookin’ At?, Ian Cinco’s Neon Spring and Erratica collection, Hellboy and, last but not least, The Life And Times Of Scrooge McDuck. It’s a whole lot of disjointed comic talk and it’s all for you, absolutely free!

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