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Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Twenty-Two

In this ‘what’d you get episode,’ Billy and Ian go over some recent pick ups including some Disney books, Solar: Man Of The Atom #1 and #3, some Judge Dredd, Punk Mambo, New Guardians #2, Danger Girl, Moebius, Puppet Master #2, more Alf, Action Comics Weekly #640, Doom Patrol #19, various What If issues, Superman #423, Joe Vigil’s Dog #1, Omen #3, The Mask Returns, Faust, Anne Rice comic adaptations, Dark Horse Star Wars books, Blood Reign #1, Solson Publication’s Ninjitsu and lots more! We also learn some fun facts about Billy’s bathroom decor.

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Twenty-One

In this episode, we go over Billy’s pick ups from the August Hot Flips show in Long Island and learn that Billy really LOVES ALF. We also cover Sergio Aragones, the Fantaco Night Of The Living Dead preview book, Justice League Of America #25 (which Billy’s dog tried to eat) and 58, Green Lantern #19 and 27, Heathcliff’s Funhouse #1, NOW Comics’ Terminator and Married With Children runs, Wrightson and Starlin on Punisher POV, lots of Bongo Simpsons comics, The Ren And Stimpy History Of Sports One Shot, Animaniacs comics, Tek World #1, Gotham Academy #1, Uncanny X-Men #176, Frank Miller’s Ronin, Adam Hughes’ Catwoman art, Frank The Unicorn, Ultra Klutz and last but certainly least, the first issue of Death Crazed Teenage Superheroes.

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Twenty

Now that summer vacations are over and things are kinda-sorta back on schedule, the latest episode of the Queens Comic Podcast is now live!

This time around, Ian and Billy take a long overdue look at Matthew Allison’s excellent Cankor hardcover collection, talk about Ian’s equally long overdue trip to Desert Island Comics and hanging out in Williamsburg eating delicious BBQ, the new release of Devil’s Cut, Last Gasp’s Anarchy Comics #2, Billy’s recent acquisition of the Marvel Hip Hop Variants Collection Vol. 1 hardcover and, last but not least, the silliness that is DC’s new Gnort’s Illustrated Swimsuit Special!

Check out Matthew Allison’s Cankor comic here: http://www.cankorcomic.com/

It’s just over a half hour of free comic banter made just for you, still featuring the best theme song ever.

If you’re cool, you’ll get it here:

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Nineteen

The latest episode of the Queens Comic Podcast is now live!

In this episode, you’ll get to learn all about NJ Collector’s Fest, Billy and Ian’s collective love of Elvis, McFarlane Toys, delicious chicken fingers and bad traffic, the crazy guest list and even crazier jam session that took place, Ian’s encounter with a really weird kid, comic book and autograph pricing at shows, comic book creator Jim Zubkavich, convention backing board sketches, hanging out with artist Rodney Ramos and Zap Comix #13!

It’s all free and it’s all fun!

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Eighteen

This time around, Ian and Billy cover comic book hunting etiquitte, the scourge of Key Collector addicts and why you should take chances on $1 bin books. They also go over recent comic pickups, Zap Comics #8 and how S. Clay Wilson’s art gives Ian anxiety, Moebius Comics, Maria Wolf’s rad cover art, Swedish Spider-Man comics and the international comics craze, Dark Horse Presents #55, why Ian doesn’t like Hobbits but Billy loves Lord Of The Rings and Lone Wolf & Cub!

All this plus more CGC ranting, thoughts on samurai films and details on Billy and Ian’s respective film acting careers.

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Seventeen

It’s a heavy metal comics inspired by the most metal guy in Queens that goes all in on Billy’s neighbor, The Cryptic Writings Of Megadeth from Chaos Comics and the Necro Premium Edition and how they make girls at comic stores jealous, the time Ian met Lemmy at a nudie bar in Vegas, Billy’s weird connection to Twisted Sister, rambling thoughts on the Pantera reunion and if Kiss comics any good. We also go over how Metallica comics are also not very good but Ian is old and saw them live when it mattered, Danzig’s Verotika books and how he stole his logo from Crystar, how Billy doesn’t know PWEI, the upcoming Queens Comic Party Comic Store Crawl, some non-metal coverage with Grimwit #2 which is still pretty metal in its own way, World War IX’s punk comics and the one and only Lemmy comic.

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Sixteen

This time around, Billy and Ian go into detail on the one and done obscurity that is Savage Ninja #1, London Night Studios’ Dead Boys #1 and the beautiful van art of James O’Barr’s Savages #1 as well as Billy’s weird love of David Patrick Kelly, the fantastic Giant Size Santos Sisters #1, Darkwing Duck, the majestic artwork in Will Eisner, Jules Pfeiffer and Wally Wood’s Outer Space Spirt, the TMNT movie adaptation, Frank Miller and Geof Darrow’s Hardboiled #1, a weird old calendar from 1974 with Wrightson and Jones art, Rocket Blast Comic Collector and last but not least, World War III Illustrated!

It’s everything you’d want from the Queens Comic Podcast by this point, and this time it’s really short!

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Fifteen

In this episode, Billy and Ian talk about their experience at the first Hot Flips show in Long Island. We then learn how much Billy loves Green Lantern and about his casting ideas for the TV show and the importance of second changes. After that, it’s time to talk about dollar bin diving at a thrift store in Queens where we go over L.I.F.E. Brigade #1 from Blue Comet Press, Marvel’s The Nam and it’s connection to The Punisher, ‘Mazing Man #12 and its Frank Miller Dark Knight cover, Eclipse’s Miracleman run, Glen Orbik’s Batman Shadow Of The Bat covers, how cool Deadman is, Tim Vigil’s work on Grips, Mr. Monster, McFarlane’s work on Infinity Inc., Ian’s Dave Stevens scores, Stormwatch, Bissette & Veitch’s Fearbook, Futurebeat, Rip Off Press’ Rockers, The Batman Returns comic adaptation and that time a Batman comic taught us how to build a bomb, Death Rattle #5 and Rand Holmes’ channeling of Wally Wood, Superman 10 Cent Adventures and a Detective Comics Green Arrow backup story not written by Alan Moore. Also, Ian sings the theme song from the Conan The Adventurer song while Billy geeks out over the embossed cover on the first issue. Plus more ska jokes and lots more loud cars and motorcycles in the background!

It’s a whole lot of four color fun, shot straight into your ears!

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Fourteen

In this episode, Billy and Ian discuss the waning appeal of Mad Magazine despite its classic status, how CGC seems to be dropping in popularity, Creature Tech from Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNepal, if Beanie Babies are being sold inside shoe repair stores, what it was like setting up at the 2023 Forest Hills High School Comic Show and are teenage girls into Nightwing? They also cover Billy’s magical ability to put prints in plastic seals at shows, the importance of being nice, the importance of keeping kids into comics, did the comics code inspire punk rock, the mysterious but wonderful Super Magic Bob, Richard Corben’s Grim Wit #1, the new Dark Horse Comics Murky World hardcover and The June 11th Queens Comic Party Brooklyn Invasion Show.

Give it a listen – it won’t cost you a dime and you’ll get to hear annoying motorcycle guys ride by while we’re recording!

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Thirteen

In this latest episode, Billy and Ian talk about their experiences at NJ’s King Con and NYC’s Big Apple Comic Con and cover some of their pick ups from the shows and how cool Roy Thomas is before going over Psycho Killers comics, Charles Burns’ masterpiece Black Hole, Robert Crumb’s Big Ass Comics, Billy’s obsession with the Ultimate Warrior, Last Gasp’s Commies From Mars collected edition, Brooklyn Dreams, the Marvel Aliens Epic Collection, how cool anthology comics are, Will Eisner and The Spirit, The Spain Rodriguez Documentary ‘Bad Attitude: The Art Of Spain Rodriguez’ and DC’s Wednesday Comics.

It’s almost an hour of comic talk made just for you!

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Twelve

In this latest episode, Billy and Ian remember the late, great Al Jaffee before diving into Heather Benjamin’s bizarre and beautifully obscene Exorcise art book. From there, it’s a look at issue #3 of Last Gasp’s notorious Cocaine Comix (featuring work from Leonardo DiCaprio’s pops!), Will Eisner’s The Spirit, EC Comics that we can’t afford and then have a spirited discussion about Ditko’s Mr. A & The Maker. The second half of the show discusses DC’s Waller Versus Wildstorm book, Avatar’s not very good Friday The 13th comics, Jack Kirby’s wonderfully wacky Days Of The Mob, a neat vintage Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Sticker Book, Rick Veitch’s excellent Brat Pack #1, the Heavy Metal release of Alien The Illustrated Story by Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson and, last but not least, Billy’s favorite Superman series, All Star Superman.

It’s almost a whole hour of erratic comic talk that took a really long time to edit and it won’t cost you a dime! We ain’t trying to sell you anything – so give it a listen, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Eleven

In this latest episode, Billy and Ian jump into a look at Kitchen Sink Press’ Snarf #2 with their underground of the week, before Billy confesses his love of vampirefreaks.com. This is followed by a look at Ken Landgraf’s New York City Outlaws #3 (which features a guest appearance from Jon Mikl Thor!), some thoughts on Renegade Press’ Manimal #1, Steve Ditko’s Mister A, Peach Momoko’s X-Men work and NYCC experience, Verotik’s Devilman #1, Charles Burns’ Facetasm, a great vintage issues of Challengers Of The Unknown with Deadman, the recent issue of Vampire Macabre by Frank Forte and Tim Vigil, Johnny Ryan’s What Are You Lookin’ At?, Ian Cinco’s Neon Spring and Erratica collection, Hellboy and, last but not least, The Life And Times Of Scrooge McDuck. It’s a whole lot of disjointed comic talk and it’s all for you, absolutely free!

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Ten – The Jack Kirby Episode

Ian and Billy are reunited in the latest episode where we run down how much fun the last Brooklyn Invasion Queens Comic Party show was before then doing a deep dive on the Twomorrows hardcover collection of Jack Kirby’s Dingbat Love before then going over Kirby’s career and what makes his work on titles like Captain America, The Fantastic Four, The New Gods and others so important. Plus, we argue about if OMAC sucks or not and if Billy should become a ‘ska guy,’ while Ian gives an old man rant about movie theaters. But before it’s all over, we bring it back to the importance of Kirby’s work and of the legacy he has left us all.

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Nine – An Interview With Scott Ruhl

With Billy indisposed, Ian takes the opportunity to conduct our first ever interview with indie comics creator Scott Ruhl about his new self published book, Futurelux! It’s a strangely philosophical talk about art, process, creativity, influences, the need to do something different and life!

There is, unfortunate, a quick audio glitch just past the 13 minute mark thanks to Zoom but luckily it only lasts about three seconds.

Follow Scott on Instagram @scottgerardruhl and check out his webshop at https://futureluxuryisburning.square.site/

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Eight

In this episode, Ian and Billy go over Robert Crumb’s Zap #0 and Billy reveals he owns James Tynion IV’s old copy of Crumb’s Genesis hardcover, Billy gives tips for dating hipster chicks or hippie girls, discuss Digital Webbing #2 and Skottie Young’s work, Daredevil #254 and the first appearance of Typhoid Mary, Jack Kirby’s Mister Miracle and Billy gets really fired up about Night Thrasher and The New Warriors. This turns into a talk about Comicsgate and why it sucks before then getting into the weird the first U.S. appearance of Judge Dredd, the first appearance of Guy Gardener and the recent DC announcements. Before it’s all over, Billy gets ridiculously nerdy about The Authority and Ian reveals his ignorance about the last three decades of Superman comics.

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Seven

In this episode, Billy and Ian do some deep dives into a few pretty weird books including The 1978 Comic Art Convention Program, Basically Strange #1, Comix Book #2, Caliber Presents #1, the latest issue of The Fantastic Four and the DC Universe By Mike Mignola Collection.

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Six

In this episode, Billy and Ian continue to sift through a giant stack of comics that they recently bought and wind up talking about Barry Windsor-Smith’s Rune, Mike Mignola’s Dracula comic for Topps, Howard Chaykin’s work, Zombies vs. Robots, Sergio Aragones and Plop, The Brothers and their battle against a cult, Now Comics’ Fright Night, Todd McFarlane’s Infinity Inc. work, John Byrne’s Fantastic Four, McFarlane’s Invasion work, Saga du Xam by Jean Rollin and Nicolas Devil, Death Rattle #3 from Kitchen Sink, Rob Liefeld, Image Comics, Guillem March’s Karmen, Revolutionary Comics’ David Lynch bio comic and other weird biography comics.

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Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Five

This week, Billy and Ian did some shopping! Thrill to the sounds of them discussing some of the new books they bought this week, why they made the buying decisions they did and what appeals to them about their selections. This episode includes discussion of Cosmic Con 2023, Bootleg Spider-Man, the 1992 Faust Tour Book, Slow Death #4, copper age Justice League of America, Mark Waid’s writing, Superman and Batman, Marvel Vs. DC, Glenn Danzig’s Verotik line, Ian gets exceptionally nerdy about Rom: Space Knight, Atlas Comics and lots more.

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Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Four

Ian and Billy, and this time Mike, sit around talking about comics they like, this time going over the ongoing problems of storing and displaying comics, The Photo Journal Guide To Comic Books, how none of us can afford to collect golden age books, comic art trading cards, Kyle Hotz’s early Northstar work, getting signatures and sketches, the time that Billy met Neal Adams and had to pee, Scout’s Black Caravan imprint, Alexis Ziritt’s art, Slow Death Funnies #1, Richard Corben’s Rowlf, the new Power Comics release of Earthman and lots more.

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Three

Ian and Billy, and this time Mike, sit around talking about comics they like. This unscripted conversational episode includes discussion of the Metro Con 1971 program and the mysterious Fantuccio, lots of talk about Swamp Thing in its various incarnations including the new Absolute Edition hardcover, Animal Man, Grant Morrison and Alan Moore, DCeased, 7 Soldiers Of Victory, Justice League Dark, Constantine and even Fangoria.

But mostly it’s about Swamp Thing.

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Two

Ian and Billy, two guys from Queens, New York, sit around talking about comics they like. This unscripted conversational episode includes discussion comic book conventions past and present, meeting creators like Mike Grell, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jim Steranko, Joe Quesada, David Lloyd and Kevin O’Neill, local New City comic store signings, and books we’ve read recently like Last Gasp’s White Comanche, Boom Studios’ Specs and A Vicious Circle and new titles from Marvel and DC like Damage Control and The Riddler: Year One.

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode One

Ian and Billy, two guys from Queens, New York, sit around talking about comics they like. This episode includes discussion of Spider-Man 2099, The Silver Surfer, young Billy’s poetry skills, the Milestone Universe, Department Of Truth, Fat Ninja and comic book store memories.

This first episode is a free form discussion, completely off the cuff, recorded with a single mic in an empty room. The sound quality is not great, but we’re working on it!