In this episode, Ian and Billy go over Robert Crumb’s Zap #0 and Billy reveals he owns James Tynion IV’s old copy of Crumb’s Genesis hardcover, Billy gives tips for dating hipster chicks or hippie girls, discuss Digital Webbing #2 and Skottie Young’s work, Daredevil #254 and the first appearance of Typhoid Mary, Jack Kirby’s Mister Miracle and Billy gets really fired up about Night Thrasher and The New Warriors. This turns into a talk about Comicsgate and why it sucks before then getting into the weird the first U.S. appearance of Judge Dredd, the first appearance of Guy Gardener and the recent DC announcements. Before it’s all over, Billy gets ridiculously nerdy about The Authority and Ian reveals his ignorance about the last three decades of Superman comics.

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