In episode 21, we go over Billy’s pick ups from the August Hot Flips show in Long Island and learn that Billy really LOVES ALF. We also cover Sergio Aragones, the Fantaco Night Of The Living Dead preview book, Justice League Of America #25 (which Billy’s dog tried to eat) and 58, Green Lantern #19 and 27, Heathcliff’s Funhouse #1, NOW Comics’ Terminator and Married With Children runs, Wrightson and Starlin on Punisher POV, lots of Bongo Simpsons comics, The Ren And Stimpy History Of Sports One Shot, Animaniacs comics, Tek World #1, Gotham Academy #1, Uncanny X-Men #176, Frank Miller’s Ronin, Adam Hughes’ Catwoman art, Frank The Unicorn, Ultra Klutz and last but certainly least, the first issue of Death Crazed Teenage Superheroes.

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