Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Ten – The Jack Kirby Episode!

Ian and Billy are reunited in the latest episode where we run down how much fun the last Brooklyn Invasion Queens Comic Party show was before then doing a deep dive on the Twomorrows hardcover collection of Jack Kirby’s Dingbat Love before then going over Kirby’s career and what makes his work on titles like Captain America, The Fantastic Four, The New Gods and others so important. Plus, we argue about if OMAC sucks or not and if Billy should become a ‘ska guy,’ while Ian gives an old man rant about movie theaters. But before it’s all over, we bring it back to the importance of Kirby’s work and of the legacy he has left us all. Follow us on Instagram @queenscomicpodcast

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Nine – An Interview With Scott Ruhl

The latest episode of The Queens Comic Podcast is now live! With Billy indisposed, Ian takes the opportunity to conduct our first ever interview with indie comics creator Scott Ruhl about his new self published book, Futurelux! It’s a strangely philosophical talk about art, process, creativity, influences, the need to do something different and life! There is, unfortunate, a quick audio glitch just past the 13 minute mark thanks to Zoom but luckily it only lasts about three seconds. Follow Scott on Instagram @scottgerardruhl and check out his webshop at https://futureluxuryisburning.square.site/ Follow us on Instagram @queenscomicpodcast

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode Eight

In this episode, Ian and Billy go over Robert Crumb’s Zap #0 and Billy reveals he owns James Tynion IV’s old copy of Crumb’s Genesis hardcover, Billy gives tips for dating hipster chicks or hippie girls, discuss Digital Webbing #2 and Skottie Young’s work, Daredevil #254 and the first appearance of Typhoid Mary, Jack Kirby’s Mister Miracle and Billy gets really fired up about Night Thrasher and The New Warriors. This turns into a talk about Comicsgate and why it sucks before then getting into the weird the first U.S. appearance of Judge Dredd, the first appearance of Guy Gardener and the recent DC announcements. Before it’s all over, Billy gets ridiculously nerdy about The Authority and Ian reveals his ignorance about the last three decades of Superman comics.

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode 6

In this episode, Billy and Ian continue to sift through a giant stack of comics that they recently bought and wind up talking about Barry Windsor-Smith’s Rune, Mike Mignola’s Dracula comic for Topps, Howard Chaykin’s work, Zombies vs. Robots, Sergio Aragones and Plop, The Brothers and their battle against a cult, Now Comics’ Fright Night, Todd McFarlane’s Infinity Inc. work, John Byrne’s Fantastic Four, McFarlane’s Invasion work, Saga du Xam by Jean Rollin and Nicolas Devil, Death Rattle #3 from Kitchen Sink, Rob Liefeld, Image Comics, Guillem March’s Karmen, Revolutionary Comics’ David Lynch bio comic and other weird biography comics. Follow us on Instagram @queenscomicpodcast

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode 5

This week, Billy and Ian did some shopping! Thrill to the sounds of them discussing some of the new books they bought this week, why they made the buying decisions they did and what appeals to them about their selections. This episode includes discussion of Cosmic Con 2023, Bootleg Spider-Man, the 1992 Faust Tour Book, Slow Death #4, copper age Justice League of America, Mark Waid’s writing, Superman and Batman, Marvel Vs. DC, Glenn Danzig’s Verotik line, Ian gets exceptionally nerdy about Rom: Space Knight, Atlas Comics and lots more. Follow us on Instragram @queenscomicpodcast Check us out online at https://www.queenscomicparty.com

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode 4

Ian and Billy, and this time Mike, sit around talking about comics they like, this time going over the ongoing problems of storing and displaying comics, The Photo Journal Guide To Comic Books, how none of us can afford to collect golden age books, comic art trading cards, Kyle Hotz’s early Northstar work, getting signatures and sketches, the time that Billy met Neal Adams and had to pee, Scout’s Black Caravan imprint, Alexis Ziritt’s art, Slow Death Funnies #1, Richard Corben’s Rowlf, the new Power Comics release of Earthman and lots more.

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode 3

Ian and Billy, and this time Mike, sit around talking about comics they like. This unscripted conversational episode includes discussion of the Metro Con 1971 program and the mysterious Fantuccio, lots of talk about Swamp Thing in its various incarnations including the new Absolute Edition hardcover, Animal Man, Grant Morrison and Alan Moore, DCeased, 7 Soldiers Of Victory, Justice League Dark, Constantine and even Fangoria. But mostly, it’s about Swamp Thing.

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode 2

Ian and Billy, two guys from Queens, New York, sit around talking about comics they like. This unscripted conversational episode includes discussion comic book conventions past and present, meeting creators like Mike Grell, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jim Steranko, Joe Quesada, David Lloyd and Kevin O’Neill, local New City comic store signings, and books we’ve read recently like Last Gasp’s White Comanche, Boom Studios’ Specs and A Vicious Circle and new titles from Marvel and DC like Damage Control and The Riddler: Year One.

Queens Comic Podcast – Episode 1

The very first episode of The Queens Comic Podcast! Ian and Billy, two guys from Queens, New York, sit around talking about comics they like. This episode includes discussion of Spider-Man 2099, The Silver Surfer, young Billy’s poetry skills, the Milestone Universe, Department Of Truth, Fat Ninja and comic book store memories.  This first episode is a free form discussion, completely off the cuff, recorded with a single mic in an empty room. The sound quality is not great, but we’re working on it!